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Final Flash

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1Final Flash Empty Final Flash on Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:54 pm


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Junior Member
Hey there PSPCommunity, Im IronJason2 (my other acc i forgot the pass too). Havent played my psp in a while, And I couldnt find my psp cable to connect to my pc, because I needed a way to make my psp a ps3 controller to play games on my pc. Well anyways, 3 weeks later I found the usb plug, and Did everything I needed too. Anyways, Started playing resistance retribution back for a little, PSN banned my old acc, so Idk how to get it back (if anyone has any way to help me, it will be appreciated). Got my psp hacked thanks to Mr.Waffle. He told me to buy a hybrid pandora battery (which I was going to buy a normal battery), got the magic memory stick by myself. And also, I'd like you thank Mr.Waffle for telling me this site. I saw on the announcents, that the site is dead, keep on hosting it Battle Star, it has useful stuff on it Smile, Hope my introduction wasnt too long, but yeah.

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2Final Flash Empty Re: Final Flash on Sun Oct 23, 2011 3:31 am

Welcome back then Big Grin, nice to see some people posting again Eek


Final Flash Wq21310

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Sigs by Blacksun, thanks a lot!!

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