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6.35 PRO-A: from China's CFW 6.35

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16.35 PRO-A: from China's CFW 6.35 Empty 6.35 PRO-A: from China's CFW 6.35 on Sat Jan 15, 2011 5:54 am


GFX Team
GFX Team
6.35PRO-A: from China's CFW 6.35
loyalty Zhilie Flame
At present the development of HEN has been completely stopped. Because is concentrating called "6.35PRO-A" in the CFW project. As I implied the same, 6.35PRO-A is no longer a simple HEN, but a real CFW.Is 6.35PRO-A can be directly mounted ISO . Because of the use of multiple modules, 6.35PRO-A need to install to F0. It is started much like the 5.03 CFW.

Currently, with the 6.20TN the Prometheus ISO Loader and OpenIdea ISO Loader compared to its support of the game is perfect. Because it has its own ISO Driver (March33/NP9660 mode). Moreover, because 6.35PRO-A system itself is 6.35, the game is better compatibility with the natural system than 6.20.

Has been tested by the "problem" games include:
Pearl Tag VS
Kamen Rider

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