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HTC Hero PSFreedom guide

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1HTC Hero PSFreedom guide  Empty HTC Hero PSFreedom guide on Fri Oct 22, 2010 8:32 am


GFX Team
GFX Team
This is a guide for jailbreaking your PS3 with a HTC Hero (G2).
(posted by scuzzy)

Things you will need
HTC Hero(G2) Jailbroken!
PS3 Firmware 3.41
USB stick

Install PSFreedom recovery image

Download this --- Free File Hosting, Online Storage &amp File Upload with FileServe

Extract the download and place the "payloads" folder and the recovery.img onto the root of the SDCard of the phone.

On the Hero, go to the App Store and download a Terminal emulator.

Once installed open the Terminal emulator and type in these commands :-

flash_recovery recovery /sdcard/recovery.imgThe phone should freeze for a couple of seconds and then you should be able to type again, once you are able to type again, turn the phone off.

Hold the power button and the home button until the recovery menu opens. You can now scroll down to PSFreedom and choose different payloads.

Jailbreaking the PS3

Place the manager2.pkg onto a usb stick.
Power off the PS3 and turn the power switch off or unplug if you own a PS3 Slim.
Place the HTC Hero phone into recovery mode and choose the relevant payloads.
Plug the Hero into the PS3 and turn the power switch on or plug in the power cable for PS3 Slim owners.

Turn on the PS3 and press the Eject button straight away!

The PS3 will turn on but it will take a couple more seconds to boot.
Once the PS3 is on you should see some extra options in the Game section of the XMB (Install Package Files and /app_home/PS3_GAME/)

Plug in the USB stick that contains the manager2.pkg file and go to the "Install Package Files" option on the PS3 and click on "Manager2".
It will now install the back up manager.

Your PS3 is now ready to play backups and install homebrew, enjoy!

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2HTC Hero PSFreedom guide  Empty Re: HTC Hero PSFreedom guide on Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:34 am


Section Moderator
Section  Moderator
Very simple tut Smile

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3HTC Hero PSFreedom guide  Empty Re: HTC Hero PSFreedom guide on Sun Dec 12, 2010 4:21 am


Nice tut Big Grin

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