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Team AC!D's Custom Firmware [WIP]

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1Team AC!D's Custom Firmware [WIP] Empty Team AC!D's Custom Firmware [WIP] on Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:04 am


GFX Team
GFX Team
Seems that Team AC!D has released a new version of their work in progress custom firmware for the PS3. This custom firmware is exclusively for 3.41 and the team is grinding to get things going.
Today they released a newer version of their firmware, which is makes it their 3rd version.

Here are the developers notes and change log:

Developer's note:

Finally after lots of testing TeaM-ACiD1C are proud to announce the third official release of Acid Customised Firmware .For this 3.41.010 release we have mainly concentrated on enabling some extra debug console options and developing the new Haxx category.This is only the small start of The Acid Custom Firmware WIP project and we have many more plans for the future. We wanted to get this stable version out there for more thorough testing in the wider community. Especially as things have changed since we started this project, The Holy grail for Custom firmware Developers : Just today a new homebrew app was released for PS3 that enables full write access to the dev_flash on PS3***8242;s internal flash memory icon smile PS3 Acid Customised Firmware 3.41.010 By TeaM ACiD1C! Run from USB, or install it directly to your PS3s Flash , you decide! .You can follow the progress of AcidCFW on kbx.org and Ps3news where we will be releasing any new info we discover.Also from time to time we will release our latest stable versions here for download but only when we are happy they are tested enough.

We had a few more ideas we are working on and other things like the – No request event error -showing up which we left out for now until we can do more research and testing.

So Now that we have FULL write access to dev_flash with JaiCraB & ps3mrenigma’s new homebrew app – Mount Alejandro this means we can permanently install Acid Customised Firmware (AcidCFW) onto our Ps3s. Of course for those who dont want to permanently mod thier consoles thats fine too, just use JaiCraB’s other tool Firmloader 0.3 to run from USB. So now we have soft-mod solution and a permanently installable way of runnning AcidCFW.

Change Log:

* New Haxx Category next to game
* Check option for all games, PS3saves and gamedata (greyed out – Not working yet)
* Quick sign Up in Haxx
* Titlestore preview in Haxx
* Titlestore preview (in game) in Haxx
* Install Packages in Haxx
* App/home in Game and Haxx
* Performance Bar
* No memory limit
* Quick preview
* Clear Cache
* Owner Information for gamedata
* Various Icon and text mods – POC
* SaveData Ps1/2 shows up in JB mode
* Custom firmware version in System info
* Some other cosmetic differences

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