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PSP Phone = Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1

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1 PSP Phone = Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 on Sat Dec 11, 2010 11:47 am


GFX Team
GFX Team
The Sony Ericsson Zeus (or Sony Ericsson Z1), was rumoured to be the PlayStation Phone that runs on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). To be honest, giving the device a name like the Sony Ericsson Kratos (Sony Ericsson K1) would have been more appealing (and to the point), but obviously; I'm not the guy who names devices for Sony, I'm just your neighbourhood writer dude! Now, before you say it, I know bAxSpAcE has written an article previously on this topic! However, whilst I was browsing YouTube, I found some solid evidence of this device being used and it is honestly amazing to say the least!

The System Information including the Android Version it runs, are accurate. It does indeed run Android Gingerbread 2.3 and on the menu you can see an obvious "PlayStation" icon. The user taps that icon in the 2nd video of this article. The device does have a drop out D-pad instead of the standard physical QWERTY keypad (as mentioned previously), this indicates that the device has an on-screen keyboard

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So far, this seems like the most solid piece of evidence we've had. This could (in theory), also be the rumoured PlayStation Portable 2. This Phone being the PSP2 isn't confirmed - but I doubt Sony would release two portable consoles, which is why I believe the PSP2 and the Phone are the same. Overall, the device looks pretty thick, but at the same time; It looks damn sleek and doesn't seem to lag at all. I'm surprised about how the XMB-styled interface was incorporated in the PlayStation Application. The XMB is used on a lot of Sony products including Sony Bravia TV's, so it's nice to see Sony adding their own XMB-like interface for the PlayStation application.

The PlayStation Network (PSN) also isn't shown, which indicates that downloads for games and other content will be done through the Android marketplace. This also tells us that; The device doesn't support online gaming, account synchronisation or trophies, so therefore this may not be the PSP2 after all.

The User-Interface looks sweet, the black notification bar and the icons remind me of the 5 inch Dell Streak Android tablet I have, which also has a great UI. The device is a 4 inch device and should have a Snap-Dragon processor clocked at 1GHZ which is already 3 times as powerful as the current PSP's CPU. I also assume the Phone has 512mb RAM. - Which is a major improvement to the PSP's 64mb RAM.

So, are you wondering where the analogues are?
The Sony Ericsson Zeus has two track pads, which act as analogue sticks, which should be pretty easy to use considering that track-pads aren't as annoying to use nowadays. The games will be digitally available, as the device doesn't appear to have a Disk drive.

What makes this device special?
An advantage to the device being on the Android platform, is the use of Emulators including NES, SNES, GameBoy/ Color/ Advance, Sega Megadrive/ Genesis/ GameGear, PlayStation and soon Nintendo 64. It will obviously, allow popular Smart-Phone games such as Angry Birds to be played.

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2 Re: PSP Phone = Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 on Sun Dec 12, 2010 4:09 am


Looks great Big Grin
But is it real? Confused

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